Dear crush please fall in love - Dear Crush Quotes Images and Status

Dear Crush Status & Quotes

Dear Crush Status & Quotes

Crush Quotes & Crush Status – We know you having a cute crush on your classmates or your colleague and you want to impress your crush but scared and afraid what happens? if your crush rejects you. and you afraid to lose her / him. but don’t worry we have an awesome & best collection of Crush Quotes and Crush StatusYou can share with your crush on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. gives her/ him signal you are having a crush on him/her. and make your crush happy. Read below best status on quotes & cute quotes on crush. Read Dear Crush Status & Quotes in English. Read all New, Romantic, Flirting Quotes & Status for Crush. Read Quotes About Crushes, Crush Quotes & Status for Him or Crush Quotes & Status for Her, Dear Crush Shayari. Read Quotes about a crush. Also, Read Man crush Monday Quotes, Woman crush Wednesday quotes and Share Crush Quotes & Status With Your Crush on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking site or app.

Crush Quotes

Dear Crush,
Please fall in Love with me.

You are the first Person - Quotes of Crush - Status of Crush

You are the first person,
Who can make me Happy.

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Dear crush,
Don’t be sad, I’m here.

Dear crush,
can you replace my X,
without asking Y?

I'm naughty enough - Quotes for Crush - Status for Crush

I’m naughty enough
To entertain you.

Quotes on Crush

i want you now - Crush Quotes for Him - Her - Crush Status

I’m tired of waiting
I want you now.

Single text from you - Crush Quotes for him or her - Crush Status

A single text from you,
Can change my mood in any situation

Dear Crush Quotes Images

There are only two times - Dear crush Quotes Images and Status

There are only two times that,
I want to be with you, now and forever.

Dear Crush,
When you know why you like someone, it’s a crush.
When you have no reason or explanation, it’s love.

Dear Crush,
You can’t be real.
May I pinch you to see if I’m dreaming?

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Crush Shayari

Do you know Romantic - Dear Crush Quotes, Status and Shayari with Images

Dear Crush
Do you know?
that our simple eye contact makes me so Romantic.

Please continue inspiring me - Dear crush quotes with images, Status and Shayari

Dear Crush
Please continue inspiring me.

Dear Crush - You live in my heart - Best Crush Quotes - Crush Status

Dear Crush
The Google Map is showing
that you live in my heart.

Dear Crush - Please cooperate with my feelings - Cute Crush Status - Crush Quotes

Dear crush
Please cooperate with my feelings.

Dear crush
It costs $0.00 to say hi.

Sad Crush Quotes

Dear Crush
I love you even you don’t love me back.

Dear Crush
can you please recognise me
or else I’ll deal with you traditionally.

Dear Crush

You are busy entertaining someone,
else while I’m missing you.

Dear Crush
I need you to stop getting hurt.

Quotes About Crushes

Dear Crush
whenever i get a text from you i break out into smiles 🙂

Crush Status

You are reasone behind my smile - crush status - quotes images

Crush ! You’re The Reason Behind my Smile

Dear Crush,
Maybe, just a little…
i could possibly be…
falling for you…

Dear Crush.
That awesome feeling of not believing that your crush likes you back 🙂

Dear Crush,

When I’m texting you,
you should know that I’m Smiling

Whatsapp Status for Crush

Simple Hi from you - Crush Status - Quotes images

Dear Crush,
A Simple “hi” from you
makes my day Complete

Dear Crush,
Mujhe yeh “Dil ki Bimaari” na hoti,
Agar “Tu itni Pyaari” na hoti.

Dear Crush,
Are you Police ?
Kyu ki tumari yaadon ne,
muje chharo taraf se gher liya hai

Status for Secret Crush

Dear Crush,
I Just want you to be my friend for now,
if things go well, then things go well,
if not, then that’s okay. i just hope the best for you

Dear Crush,
Tere Haath me mera Haath ho,
Yeh Dekh kar Puri Duniya Jalkar Rakh Ho.

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Dear Crush,
I’II be fine as long,
as you stay single.

Dear Crush,
I like your last name can i have it ?

Crush Status in Hindi

Dear Crush,
Sunno na… Sirf itna bata do,
intezar karu ya Dusari Pata lu..

i will love you untill - Dear Crush Quotes Images and Status - Me & My Feeling

Dear Crush,
I’ll love you until the the
expiry of WinRar’s trial version 🙂 !!!

Dear Crush
Every time i walk across you,
i Really hope you’re looking at me

Cute Crush Status

Please Stop Being Cute - Crush Status - Quotes Images

Dear Crush,
Plaese Stop being Cute,
It’s Distracting me..

Dear Crush,
You are Not so Cute..
So please Stop Playing hard to get !!!

Dear Crush,
Ab to Sanjay Dutt bhi jail
se wapis aa gaya, Tu kab aayegi.

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Best Dear Crush Status

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